Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rate My Space

Every once in a while I search through Rate My Space...This time I was looking for living room inspiration and found these photos from MoreDesign

I truly love all these spaces...

I love the clean serene feeling you get with this room. The white linens and damask pillows are to die for!

Such a beautiful wall color. The white plates also give the space a clean cottagey feel. The light is a Paris street lamp. How cool is that?

Love the continued clean fresh feeling with the white slip covers. Neutral colors never get old.

What's not to love about that pillow? Gives it an old world feel.

Love the mismatched chairs and different textiles. So different, but fit so well together.

This bathroom also has a sophisticated clean feeling.

I don't even know what to say about this space. The tiles around the fireplace are so amazing. Such a great way to draw attention in. All of the little details work so well together.

Another view of the dining room. The slip covered chairs really dress the area up nicely. Can't forget all the moulding and trim work. Really makes a huge difference in this room.

I would do a lot more reading if I had a beautiful space like that to sit and enjoy.

Once again another beautiful room. I love the cool green wall color and plates. It is amazing how much you can do with a plate! The white curtains give this space such a cozy feel.

Love the hollywood glamour look of this entryway table. The matching vintage lamps are great. Not to mention the CHANEL book. Every little detail is attended to.
Thank you for inspiring me with your spaces. They are my new favorites!
Do you have any favorite RateMySpacers?

Hydrangea Love

My favorite flower is by far the hydrangea. From the sounds of your comments on my last post, you all love them too! I thought I would post some cute pics. of simple hydrangea center piece ideas...

image found here
I love the simple canning jar with a few hydrangeas. So cute and cottagey!

Image found here
The white buckets with numbers on them are so beautiful. Such a great way to assign seats.

image found here

Love the simple white hydrangeas in with the lime. The color contrast is so pretty!
Just a few photos that I love and thought you might also. Hope you're having a blessed weekend. I'm out to soak up some more sun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

No Words Are Enough...

To thank the men and women that sacrifice their lives for the safety and security of our country.
Thank you...