Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hydrangea Love

My favorite flower is by far the hydrangea. From the sounds of your comments on my last post, you all love them too! I thought I would post some cute pics. of simple hydrangea center piece ideas...

image found here
I love the simple canning jar with a few hydrangeas. So cute and cottagey!

Image found here
The white buckets with numbers on them are so beautiful. Such a great way to assign seats.

image found here

Love the simple white hydrangeas in with the lime. The color contrast is so pretty!
Just a few photos that I love and thought you might also. Hope you're having a blessed weekend. I'm out to soak up some more sun!


  1. Beautiful...thanks for sharing the photos!
    I love how you can arrange flowers in just about anyway...even limes :)

  2. blue hydrangea and white tulips were the flowers at my wedding. i adore hydrangea :)

  3. OK... I always get a little freaked out by all the things we have in common. My absolute fav. flowers are hydrangeas too. Just one more thing that we share. I love it!!!

  4. i love hydrangea'
    i wish i was better in the garden with them...

  5. Darling, just darling! Especially the ones with the numbers!

  6. Beautiful! If only I had luck growing them. Oh well, at least I've got the peony. :)

  7. love the last flower arrangement especially.


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