Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm on a mission to create a calming oasis for my bedroom....

This quote is my new theme for decorating.

I just ordered this Rachel Ashwell bedding from Target.
It's currently sold out, but I found it on ebay for a pretty good deal.
This is the style of my headboard.
The fabric I used inside the framing is actually burlap.

I want to buy lamps similar to this and get burlap shades to match my headboard.

I found this dresser on etsy.
It's sold but I absolutely love the cool blue color and hopefully will be able to find one/make one similar to this.

Now I just need a good wall color....



  1. HIII!!! Do you know how excited I get every time I see that you've posted? You've been on my mind so much lately!

    Wall color - I would say do a warm white. I know, sounds crazy....oh, that's because I'm OBSESSED with it! Mixing the whites make the whites whiter. (I dare you to use white in a sentence more than that....!)

    Make sure not to go the 'cream' route - it will be too yellow and you'll subliminally feel dirty - but a warm white will offset and enhance your fabulous burlap and crisp bedding!!!


  2. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. Love the color of that dresser. Have fun! xo

  3. i couldn't agree more! Love that first bed

  4. It all sounds dreamy! that dresser is amazing, the color is simply perfect, says oasis to me! hope you find all that you are looking for!

  5. I love everything!! I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. You are going to be amazed at all the wonderful things that God has in store for you.

  6. Ooh--I love it all!! That will be just beautiful. Hope that you are doing well--good to "see" you back on the blog. :-)

  7. Hi Nora!
    Couple a days ago I saw new burlap shades at Target! :)
    Love the dresser, if I see one in my travels I'll grab it & let you know! :)
    How is the casa coming along?


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