Friday, June 25, 2010

It's All About

"The way to freedom and escape from being condemned is to love. A person who is acting in love is always looking for the best in others, never gives up on them, never keeps records of their sins. A person who is acting in love never hopes the person gets what is coming to them. They aren't happy when another person suffers in consequence.

When you're looking for someone else's best, you hide your worst. When you never give up on someone, you will not be given up on. When you erase the sins of another in your mind, your sins are not remembered either. When you push through for another person, you get to go through, too. When you lift the weight of another person's consequences, you satisfy the Law of Love."

How hard of a reality are these truths?
Oh, they are so much easier said than done.
I hope that one day I satisfy the Law of Love.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great picture and great words that follow it :)

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