Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have I Lost My Marbles?

I am STRESSING over picking out my countertops.
I have looked at hundreds of granite samples and can't find anything I love more than carrera marble.
It is more fragile, sensitive to heat, gets scratches, and looks worn in.
Is it bad that I don't really care because I love it that much?

What is not to love about those counters?
After getting some much needed advice from Kim,
I think I'm going to take the plunge.
Please don't tell me I've lost my marbles.
photos from Martha Stewart, Country Living, Houzz, Decorpad


  1. Oh nora - you have such a unique opportunity to incorporate what you LOVE into your home - I say do it! You may always yearn for what your original gut was if you don't get what you want now.

    CAN NOT WAIT to see it!! SO excited for you!!!


  2. I love carrera marble too! Go for it!

  3. I think if YOU love it, then it's the right choice! Your house is gonna be AWESOME!!!

  4. There is white granite. There is one called Benco Ramano (every place calls it something diffrent) It is white w/ gray veins and red specks!! It is BEAUTIFUL and has the strength of iron but the look of carrera!!

  5. do what you wanna/gotta do :) it will look so gorgeous

  6. You will just have to be more careful than are going to love it!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  7. Let me know when you are available to come by and see ours - it will give you a sense of what it looks like after three years with four boys... I adore it!

  8. Hi Nora,

    I happened onto your blog while looking for pictures of white kitchens. After reading through several pages (I *had* to find out whether you got your house!), I was delighted to see that you and I have very similar tastes. :o)

    I just wanted to tell you that I had the same angst over whether to go with marble. We have 12 (yes, 12) kids, and I was worried it didn't make sense for a family the size of ours. I tried to talk myself into Bianco Romano granite, but ultimately, I knew I wouldn't be happy if I didn't go with what I really loved. If it stains, it stains. If it etches, it etches. I'll live. :o) At least I won't be looking at a blah granite I don't really love for the next 30 years.

    Ours is being installed in the next month or so - I can't wait!


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